ARMA International will be presenting in HTUF fleet workshop



On April 16, 2014 ARMA International LLC will be exhibiting in Northeast Regional HTUF Fleets Workshop and Ride & Drive.  Join us and understand the world of Fleet Services and practices. The workshop will be filled with the latest information on the alternative fuel trucks and buses, vocation-specific fleet best practices, incentives, and regional solutions to advance clean transportation. This will be a great opportunity to listen to what industry experts think about the clean vehicle solutions in the Northeast.  In addition, fleet managers from NYCT, New York Fleet, Frito Lay and many more will be sharing their insights on clean vehicle practices. We would also be speaking about the core values of MuniRoute which are Maximizing safety, livability, minimizing emission, and energy usage.  Update on the development of MuniRoute will also be provided.

Workshop Date & Place

Wednesday, April 16 2014

8:00 AM – 4:00PM

Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Queens Theater & World’s Fair Marina Park – Queens, New York

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Bridge Eating Truck

Q: How to avoid “Bridge Eating Truck”?

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A: One of the distinguish features that MuniRouteTM has is the ability to takes clearance restrictions into account. Routes are generated so that vehicles can pass freely under bridges without being concerned about striking them. It enables users to specify an exact minimum vertical clearance for the route to adhere to. By directing trucks away from low clearance bridges, it will reduce the bridge strikes in New York State and nationwide.

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First Meeting in City of Schenectady

On November 8, 2013, Dr. Grivas and the ARMA Team had its first meeting with the City of Schenectady. The meeting was very informative and it was such a great opportunity for ARMA and the city of Schenectady to learn more about each other and thus build a mutually understanding relationship.

The primary concern of the City of Schenectady is “How will the city  benefit from MuniRouteTM?”

And ARMA proposed the following the benefits:

  • Solutions to specific freight truck routing problems as well as suggestions for actions leading to a safer, more livable city.
  • Access to the MuniRouteTM GIS system, including maps and the broader database.
  • Increase in the quality of the road data in terms of accuracy
  • Rerouting trucks away from the sensitive areas.

On the behalf of ARMA, we would like the City of Schenectady to provide data such as speed limits, bridge clearance and weight capacities, traffic location and time, road restrictions, and other associated data.

In the current stage of developing the MuniRouteTM system, it will be a mutual beneficial process and we desire to create a win –win solution for both MuniRouteTM and the City.

The meeting is the first step in building a safer and more livable community for the City of Schenectady by eliminating the issues of congestion and emission.

Introducing MuniRoute

So what exactly is MuniRoute?

A state-of-the-art freight route GIS-based mapping tool based on complete data sets and a unique, specialized algorithm with sophisticated decision-making functionality optimized for non-interstate freight transport operations. A certified “green” solution, MuniRoute™ helps carriers to determine routes through local communities that are travel-safe and are optimized for enhanced fuel economy and reduced emissions. With a variety of primary and optional routes guaranteed to provide safer options for freight travel and access to real-time congestion management options, MuniRoute™ saves time and money and protects the environment from unnecessary emissions and shields communities affected by truck traffic.


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